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What You Need To Know about Desiree work on Generational Trauma

Uncovering and interrupting the patterns in your relationships that are preventing you and your family from experiencing peace and joy is what you can expect to get when you choose to work with Desiree Guyton.

Would it be crazy to think you’ve been misunderstood by someone of a different culture?

Or are you feeling uncomfortable when your children ask you questions about America’s racially divided history because you want to be confident they don’t have to relive the pain you’re feeling now?

You know your children, but how will be they be received by others who will judge them based upon of the legacy of slavery and bigotry their forefathers shared in?

“It has helped deepen my understanding of how racism damages everyone and how people of different races can come together to seek healing. - Lynn Parks

The co-author of the benchmark training manual “Healing Wounds of Generational Trauma: the Black and White Experience” © 2018, Desiree Guyton has forged ahead of the pack as a contemporary thinker and trauma therapist; domestically & international as a national Master Trainer of facilitators; providing critical training to pastors and counselors serving Rwandans impacted by genocide.

“My eyes were opened to the depth of my own unrecognized privilege, while at the same time opened my eyes to the oppression of others.  - Theresa Mangano

She is one of the northeast’ most sought after trauma-healing specialists and welcomes you to contact her office HERE for more information on ways you can start living as the solution to your family’s healing.                                                                                                  

Desiree holds her Bachelors Degree in Christian Education from Messiah College, a Master of Divinity degree in Contemporary Leadership, as well as a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling from Missio Seminary (formally Biblical Theological Seminary). She is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and certified clinical trauma professional (CCTP).

If you believe you are suffering from any form of trauma, please schedule an appointment HERE NOW to schedule a brief conversation so that you can get the help you might need quickly.

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